What if donating was not a big decision?

We believe that non-profits should focus more on what they are doing instead of worrying about funds for the following months.

The Dollar Effect is a monthly subscription of $1 dollar to a non-profit of your choice.


How the Dollar Effect Works

A small but consistent amount can go a long way.

Back non-profits

Simply choose non-profit organizations that you would like to back and support.

Set and Forget

Easy and simple to support non-profits. Plus, the amount is small enough that you can forget about it.

Small Amount, Big Impact

With this, non-profits can rely on something to have a steady source of funds.

Be Connected

With this, you will be updated on how the cause you are supporting is doing.

Featured Non-Profit

We want to help them focus on helping and creating an impact.

Glory Reborn Organization

Our vision begins with helping moms have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Each mom receives all the necessary prenatal care, labs and health education at Glory Reborn throughout her pregnancy.

If we can help moms be healthy, we have a good start to helping babies. After birth, babies then receive all the necessary care and treatment that they need to ensure they have a healthy start to life.

Let it ECHO

Nearly one of every 100 babies is born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD). CHD has affected families from all walks of life. Despite this problem, we believe that sharing even a single inspiring story of a 'heart warrior' could lift up another family to fight for their child. Imagine, if we have the capacity to 'echo' more.

We are warriors, survivors, and storytellers who believe that our heart stories will provide hope to other heart warriors and parents going through this life-long CHD journey. Help us continue giving support to these families through empowerment, education, awareness, guidance, and counseling.


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